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Efendy Begendy

June 7th, 2012 | Posted by Somer Sivrioglu in Recipes - (0 Comments)

I have been asked many times on one of our house specials, our twist on the traditional dish claaed “Hunkar Begendi” literally translated as the “ Sultan ( Ottoman Emperor) liked it”.

Serving 6 people

Beef Cheek
6 x Medium beef cheeks
1L Beef stock
200g Tomato paste

100ml Olive oil

1 Brown onion

100g Banana pepper

200g Truss tomatoes

Salt & Pepper

250 ml. Dry red wine

1 Clove garlic

50g Roasted cumin seeds

200g Pitted Aegean green olives


Eggplant begendy

6 Large eggplants

200g Plain flour

150g Butter

500ml Fresh cream

300g Grated kashar ( or provolone) cheese



Beef Cheek
-Trim the sinew and fat off the beef cheek
-Brown finely diced onion and cumin seeds in olive oil, transfer in to the slow cooker, add chopped banana pepper, garlic then fresh tomato and tomato paste
-Add beef stock and red wine
-Add beef cheeks and cook six hours on low heat
-Add olives to the mixture and stew for another 5 minutes, season accordingly

Eggplant Begendy
-Char grill whole eggplant till skin parts from flesh easily (make sure outside is burnt, to give the smoky flavor)
-Once cool, take the burnt skin off, chop roughly
-Melt butter add flour to make a roux, season properly
-Add eggplants, whisk till eggplants are roughly mashed
-Add cream and grated kashar, low simmer for 5 minutes
-Serve the beef cheeks on eggplant puree



Any guest that visited us, would be aware of the vast amount of vegetarian dishes we have available in our menu marked with ‘v’. Contrary to popular belief, Turkish Cuisine in particular the regional food is heavily vegetable driven. Here are couple of blog entries on that hidden side of our culinary treasures served at Efendy.

Somer and Fouad with the owner of Gulluoglu

I was very happy when Fouad Kassab, the most knowledgeable and passionate food blogger on Middle Eastern food, accepted my invitation to visit the baklava and kebab capital of Turkey, Gaziantep.

You can follow his article below as published on (Sydney) magazine on our journey to the great culinary destination of South Eastern Anatolia.