Most celebrated Turkish chef of our times


Most celebrated Turkish chef of our times, Mehmet Gurs of Mikla Istanbul, currently 56th on world's best 100 is joining Somer Sivrioglu at Efendy in a one-off event to showcase his unique take on new Anatolian kitchen serving a 4 course menu.

Mehmet Gürs, is credited by many to be the one “kicking off the contemporary restaurant scene in Istanbul” when he returned from the US to start his first restaurant in 1996. He is most known for his recent introduction of the visionary “New Anatolian Kitchen”. In this new approach, traditional and true “noble” products are treated with utmost respect while being transformed with a blend of new and ancient techniques. Years of extensive research and a dedicated creative process together with a team of chefs, a full time anthropologist, villagers, mothers and grandfathers has resulted in an extensive network and a deep knowledge of the traditional habits, products, techniques of the area. With a successful cooperation between the keepers of the land and the chefs in the city as a result. Mikla was selected as one of the worlds 100 best restaurants in 2015 and 2016.

"For vertiginous value, nowhere tops Mikla. It's the best restaurant by Mehmet Gürs."


6.Apr.2017 - $175 or $240 with matching Turkish wines, Mehmet Gurs of Mikla Istanbul will be at Efendy serving up a feast with Somer Sivrioglu

Call to book +61 2 9810 5466 or click here.